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The Machines tab displays all machines currently associated with a customer . Each machine row in the list initially displays in a collapsed state, with only summary information shown. You can expand a machine row to view additional details. The following table provides an overview of the table in the Machines tab. The Machines tab displays an added search function. Use the search field to locate machines by machine tag or system ID.

Table 1. Machines table overview
Column name Description
Machine Tag

Displays the machine tag for a user machine in the License Portal. A machine tag is a descriptive label for a machine within the License Portal.

System ID

Displays the system ID for a user machine in the License Portal.


Displays an edit icon to open the Edit Machine Tag dialog box for the machine. See Editing machine tags for more information.

Machine tag

A machine tag provides a descriptive label for a machine within the License Portal. You can edit the descriptive label in the License Portal or in the Software Manager for online machines. You can define machine tags independent of licensing. For offline machines, the machine tag is set through the offline activation process.

System ID

A system ID is a code that uniquely identifies a particular physical or virtual machine. In the Software Manager, the system ID is displayed in the main window. The system ID locks the licenses to a particular machine. The Software Manager automatically uses the system ID for any online activations. For offline activations, you must copy the system ID and use it in the License Portal. Changes made to a machine, such as the replacement of the motherboard, can affect the system ID and invalidate licenses. Refer to Software Manager Help (LIT-12012389) for more information on the system ID and changes that may affect the system ID.