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The Licenses tab displays all licenses available to the customer . The Licenses tab displays a search and filter function. Use the search field to find software products by product name or product code. Use the filter to find licenses by status:

  • Activated
  • Available
  • Expired

The following table provides an overview of the table in the Licenses tab.

Table 1. Licenses table overview
Column name Description

Displays the name of the software product associated with the license.

Product Code

Displays the product code of the software product. The product code corresponds to the product ID in AOMS. This column is empty for products without product codes that are not available for purchase in AOMS.


Displays the feature name and feature version of the software product.

Purchase Order

Displays the purchase order number associated with the order.

AOMS Order #

Displays the AOMS order number associated with the software product order.


Displays the status of the software product.

Note: For licenses with an activated status, you can view the Activation Date in its tool tip by hovering over the status.
Machine Tag

Displays the machine tag of the machine on which the software product was activated. A machine tag provides a descriptive label for a machine within the License Portal. It is blank for licenses that are not yet activated.

Note: If necessary, the machine tag is shortened to fit in the available space. You can see the full machine tag and the system ID in its tool tip by hovering over the machine tag.

When you click the icon in the Location column, the details for the location associated with the license appears. A location is available only if a license is transferred to the company.

Actions Displays the Choose Action menu, which includes the following options:

Note: The available Choose Action menu actions depend on the status of the license.