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There are different license types available to a customer. The following table provides information about these license types.

Table 1. License type overview
License Description

A commercial license applies to purchased products and may be perpetual, which means it never expires, or it may be non-perpetual, which means it has a specific expiration date. A commercial license requires activation using the product key that you receive when you purchase the product. A commercial license is locked to the machine on which it is currently activated, but you can deactivate the license at any time to make it available for use on another machine. When you deactivate a commercial license, you can reactivate it on the same or on a different machine.


A technician license is a license granted to a Johnson Controls technician through the License Portal. A technician may request a license that expires after 365 days or after 90 days, depending on how the technician intends to use the license. Technician licenses that expire after 365 days are intended for use in registering software tools or other applications on a machine owned by Johnson Controls, such as the technician’s laptop or a branch lab machine. Technician licenses that expire after 90 days are intended for use on customer staging machines during hardware upgrades on customer sites. The 90-day technician license allows for a short-term test environment when migrating a customer’s licensable software to a new hardware platform. Technician licenses are free of charge, but require activation with a product key.


A trial license is a license granted by Johnson Controls Sales to a customer for the purpose of evaluating the product at a customer site prior to making a formal purchase. This license is free of charge, but requires activation with a product key. A trial license generally expires 90 days after activation, but you must activate it within the first 30 days after it is issued. If you activate a trial license more than 30 days after it was issued, its duration is less than 90 days.

You cannot deactivate or extend a trial license. In the case where a customer needs additional time to complete a product evaluation, Sales may issue an additional trial license. The additional trial license generates a new product key that you can use to activate a new license for the product on the same or a different machine. A trial license is only available for certain products. Their availability is at the discretion of Johnson Controls Product Management and Sales.


A grace license is installed with certain products and is for emergency purposes only. A technician or customer can then use the product immediately with a limited-time grace period, instead of activating a license. When the grace period begins, the license remains valid for 14 days. When the grace period concludes, the grace license expires and you can no longer use it. You cannot deactivate a grace license. If you uninstall the product, its grace period continues to count-down for the machine on which you originally installed the product. If you reinstall the product on the same machine, it reuses the existing grace license, which may or may not have time remaining.