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To view all ticket requests, click the ticket icon in the License Portal main window. The Support Tickets dialog box appears with a list of all ticket requests. Use the Filter to choose which requests should be shown based on their status: approved, pending, or denied.

  • The new ticket icon displays a red notification for new, unread tickets.
  • Click Mark All as Read to remove the red notification from all tickets and from the ticket icon in the License Portal main window.
Table 1. Tickets table overview
Column name Description
Ticket Number

Displays the ticket number as a link. You can click the ticket number link to view additional details for that ticket.


Displays the request summary.

Requested By

Displays the name of the user that submitted the request.


Displays the status of the ticket. The status is either approved approved, pending, or denied.

Note: The ticket requester receives an email update when the status of a ticket changes.
Last Changed

Displays the date and time the status last changed.

To view the additional details for a ticket, click a ticket number. The Support Ticket Details dialog box appears with details of the ticket.