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Controller Configuration Tool
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Support for new Tier 4 SA Bus devices

At this release, you can add new Tier 4 SA Bus devices to CCT as package files. You can import package files using the Import option in the Define Hardware > Packages tab. For more information see Importing Package Files. Once the Tier 4 SA Bus device has been imported as a package file, you can then add it as an SA Device in the Define Hardware > Controller Selection tab. For more information see Selecting a device (Controller Selection tab).

Update notifications

A new CCT update feature enables you to choose when you update your software. See Upgrading CCT.

Support for BACnet Protocol Revision 18

CCT now supports BACnet Protocol Revision 18. A new MSTP Controller Network Port object displays for supported devices in the Device Information folder in the Advanced tab. For information on how to view and edit the MSTP Controller Network Port object see Device Information.