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Controller Configuration Tool
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Output Controller Module Upgrades

The internal algorithm of the PID block has been updated to eliminate the rare possibility of adaptively tuning to a state of two-position control. In these rare cases, where the PID Proportional Band was calculated to a value very close to 0, the adaptive tuning logic now automatically slows down the sampling rate of the PID by a factor of 10 and resets the tuning parameters to their original values.

Central Plant with Optimization Applications

  • A new dialog box appears that notifies you which modules are included as part of the upgrade process. For modules that are user-modified at the current controller tool release, these modules are not upgraded.
  • For applications built prior to Release Mode 10.0 / Firmware 6.1, the upgrade process upgrades all chiller selectors, pump selectors, tower selectors, and equipment interlocks. After the upgrade, verify application functionality because some connections may have been removed during the upgrade process. An alert message appears if a connection needs to be replaced.

Field Controller N2 Protocol Compatibility

At Release Mode 10.1 / Firmware 6.2, you can switch communication modes between MS/TP and N2. When you first transfer to an N2 compatible controller, it appears as MS/TP. However, as you proceed through the upgrade process with the Transfer wizard, you will automatically switch communication modes.