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If you are changing a field device during an upgrade, verify all network settings and point assignments on the Define Hardware screen. See Point Assignment Tab for further information. If the signal type is incompatible with the device, follow the instructions in Modifying an Input or Output Signal to modify the signal information.
Note: Commands points do not persist in the CAF. If you transfer an application to a device, the previous application is deleted from the controller and any command points you have configured must be set again.

The Local Controller Display was added at Release 3.0. To incorporate a Local Controller Display into a controller installed at a release prior to 3.0, after upgrading, you must open the display configuration application within the tool (Display tab) and select the desired points to display. Transfer the Main Code and Boot Code to the device, then transfer the upgraded CAF to the device.

After the upgrade, perform the following steps to verify property functionality before transferring the CAF to a device:
  • Verify all network settings and point assignments.
  • Check your system capacity (memory usage).
    Note: As a best practice, keep your capacity at 80% or below.
  • Review your Calendars, Schedules, Notifications, Trend Logs, and Event Logs. Refer to the Release Mode 10.3 / Firmware 7.0 and Later section for additional information about the changes that may occur in Scheduling.
  • Review your connection alerts. For additional information about the changes that may occur in connection alerts, refer to the Release Mode 10.0 / Firmware 6.1 Compatibility section.
  • Review your logic and any customized modules you have.
  • Run a Simulation. For more information on running a Simulation, see Simulating a System.

For further information see: