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Controller Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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Check for common problems with custom CCT Programming or modifications made to standard applications. Perform the following system checks:

  • Ensure that the correct Process ID is selected and allowed to control the system.
  • Ensure that the PID is not active when it does not have control of the output.
  • Check connections to the PID Pre-Processor to see what values it is set to use.
  • Check the PID Pre-Processor. If the Standard Tuning is set to True, the Process ID sets the tuning parameters. If not, the parameters set in the PID Pre-Processor are the tuning parameters.
  • Check connections between the PID Pre-Processor and the PID. If there is a connection for the parameter, the PID uses the value determined by the PID Pre-Processor. If there is no connection, it uses the parameter value set in the PID.
  • Check the PID.
    • Is Adaptive Tuning set to True?
    • Is Manual Tuning set to True?