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Controller Configuration Tool
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To troubleshoot issues with CCT Commissioning, perform the following system checks:
  • Ensure that overrides are removed.
  • Ensure that output is not overridden in applications created at CCT Release 4.1 where no override monitoring feature is automatically created.
  • Ensure that output is not overridden in custom applications that lack added override monitoring.
  • View the details of the PID. Check the values of PRAC Proportional Band and PRAC Integral Time. If they are significantly different than the initial tuning parameters and the system is not controlling, reset PRAC+ Adaptive Tuning and monitor the system.
  • When you build Custom Applications, include the Unit Enable Determination logic that is found in Standard Applications. This Module provides a short delay to ensure complex logic blocks like a PID are fully configured before the application uses the data from these objects.