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Note: Opening a CAF in post-5.1 releases of CCT results in the loss of PID values. If the user decides to save the CAF after viewing it, or performs another transfer to the controller, all values in the CAF will be permanently lost. If the user does not save the CAF or transfer it to the controller, values will not be lost. If commissioning an application on a controller, then the effective values that the controller is using will be shown.

For applications with few PIDs, commission the existing application and record to keep track of the values for the PID-Pre and PID on paper or by using a program such as Microsoft® Word or Excel®.

For applications with larger quantities of PIDs, we recommend that you create an attribute template and use Read/Write Attributes Online to get the values from the pre-upgraded controllers and then to write those values back once the upgrade is completed.

To confirm that you have all of the PIDs, you can use Release Mode 10.2 / Firmware 6.2 and the BACnet Exposed tab to find all instances of a type of objects (even with old applications).

  1. Open the CAF in the software.
  2. Navigate to the BACnet Exposed tab.
  3. Under Settings, check Show All and Show BACoids.
  4. In the Filter field, search for the text of the object type. If the entire object type text is known, end the filter with a colon to narrow down the results (Ex. PID:).