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When you enable the Moving Average Filter primitive, it takes samples of a floating point signal and outputs a filtered version of the signal.

Table 1. Moving Average Filter Inputs
Name Data Type Exposed for Connection by Default Description Default Value
Input Float Yes The input to the calculation described above 0
Enable Boolean Yes This input enables or disables the primitive. When disabled the Input is passed directly to the Output. When enabled the Input is passed into the calculation described above. On a transition from disabled to enabled, the primitive will populate all samples required for the calculation with the first sample received. TRUE
Filter Length Float Yes This input specifies the maximum value of samples in the calculation described above. 1
Interval Float Yes This input specifies how often the filter will perform the designed calculation 30s
Reset Boolean Yes This input clears out the previously stored samples and restarts the calculation. FALSE
Output Float Yes The output to the calculation described above 0
Buffer Full Boolean Yes Indicates whether N samples have been collected since the buffer had last been cleared FALSE