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See the Logic Tab Screen description in the User Interface section.

In addition to the Zooming Icons in Table 1, you can also use the plus (+) and minus (-) keys to zoom in and out, and the arrow keys move up, down, left, or right. You can also use the scroll wheel to move up and down, hold the Shift key and scroll to move left and right, and hold the Ctrl key and scroll zoom in and out.

Table 1. Zooming Icons
Function Description

Zoom In

Click the Zoom In icon from the Logic View diagram to zoom in on diagram details.

Zoom Out

Click the Zoom Out icon from the Logic View diagram to zoom out of the diagram.

Fit To Window

Opens the Fit To Window Menu from the Logic View diagram. The following table shows the Fit To Window Menu Icons
Table 1. Fit To Window Menu Icons
Icon Description
Click the Fit To Window icon to center the full diagram in the available visible window.

Shortcut: Ctrl + F

Click the Fit Horizontally to fit the diagram to the width of the window.

Shortcut: Ctrl+ + H

Click the Fit Vertically to fit the diagram to the height of the window.

Shortcut: Ctrl + E