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About this task

You can duplicate ports using the Clone Ports dialog box. Only ports that are exposed and non-connected can be duplicated. See the Clone Ports Dialog section.

Specific properties of the ports are copied, depending on which type of port you clone:

  • Enum type - name, default value, and states text
  • Boolean type - name, default value, active text, and inactive text
  • Float type - name, default value, units, and display precision
Note: The Clone Ports dialog is not available for Activity Input or Activity Output blocks, with the exception of the State block of a Hybrid Activity.

To clone a port:


  1. In the Logic View, right-click any block and select Clone Ports. The Clone Ports dialog box appears.
    Note: The check boxes within the Clone Ports dialog box appear unavailable for any logic blocks that do not meet the criteria for cloning ports.
  2. In the Input Port List and Output Port List columns, select the check boxes of the ports you wish to clone, or use the Select All or Deselect All button.
  3. Click OK.