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About this task

You can create custom applications by modifying an existing CAF or making changes to a selected system. For details on specific applications, modules, and logic, see the Applications, Modules, and Logic sections.

To create custom applications, perform the steps that apply:


  1. Begin creating a custom application according to the steps in Modifying an Existing Controller Application File or Selected System.
    Note: The Custom Applications and Monitoring Supervisory Control Only options have system selection trees with common options. You can create one of these applications with the desired items from the selection tree, then create any additional items as follows.
  2. Create custom logic by adding the desired modules and modifying them as necessary. See Creating Custom Logic (Adding Modules).
  3. Create logic for the modules in the Logic View as necessary. See the Logic View Steps.
  4. Expose and make connections between the modules according to the instructions in the Viewing and Modifying Connections section.
  5. Add the State Generation modules as tables in the State Tables and add the Output Control modules as columns in the State Tables as necessary. See the Viewing and Modifying State Selection Tables and Customizing State Selection Tables sections.
  6. Make connections between the State Selection Table and the State Generators and Output Controllers as necessary. See Viewing and Modifying Connections.