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This procedure allows you to mass edit attributes of online controllers at once.

Note: See Getting Started with Trunk Utilities before completing the following steps.
  1. From the Tools menu, select Trunk Utilities > Read/Write Attributes Online. The Trunk Utilities - Read/Write Attributes wizard appears with the Connection screen active.

  2. Select the desired connection type and parameters and click Next. The Attribute Template screen appears.
    Note: We strongly advise against using an Supervisor Passthru connection to transfer to multiple controllers due to potential communication loss during the process.
  3. Click Discover to begin the discovery process and locate devices. When devices are located, they appear in the main section of the Attribute Template screen.

    Note: To stop the Discover process, click Stop.
  4. Select the devices from the list.

    Note: If more than one device has the same Instance Number, the numbers display red in the device list.
  5. Perform the following tasks:

    • To browse for an existing attribute template file, click the Browse button. Navigate to the location of the template and click Open.

    • To save a template, click the Save button. Navigate to the correct directory, enter a file name, and click Save.

    • To add a new device, click the Add button (+).

    • To remove a currently selected device, click the Remove button (-).

    • To change the device name within the template, click in the field that contains the existing template name and enter a new name.

      Note: The device name and instance number are only written during a transfer to device process. These values cannot be written during a read/write operation.
    • To add a new attribute, click the Click To Define New Attribute column heading. A tree representation of the application appears. Choose the module, element, and attribute from the tree and click OK. The parameters are added to the template and appear as a column on the screen.

      Note: To add a new attribute, you must have a CAF open before you select Read/Write Attributes.
    • To remove an existing attribute, right-click the heading and select Remove Attribute.

      Note: The Discovered column indicates whether the device is added due to device discovery.
    • To manually change the Device Address or Instance Number for discovered devices only, edit the field value.
      • To auto assign the device address of every device in the Instance Number column, right-click the Instance Number heading and click Auto Assign.
      • To assign instance number values to devices based on the device number, trunk number, and device address, right-click the Instance Number heading and click Assign Calculated Instance.
  6. To pull current values from the selected devices, click Read Attributes.

  7. To make changes to the values found, use the drop-down menu to select the desired value or edit the field value.

  8. Click Write Attributes. The updated attributes are sent back to the devices.

  9. Click Copy To Clipboard to copy and paste the data from the template to another word-processing program, such as Microsoft Notepad.

  10. Click Save to retain any changes you made to the attribute template. The Save dialog box appears.

  11. Click Save.

  12. When modifications are complete, click Finish. The wizard closes.