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Note: See Getting Started with Trunk Utilities before completing the following steps.
  1. From the Tools menu, select Trunk Utilities > Manage Attribute Templates. The Attribute Template Utility appears.
  2. Edit the current view as necessary or browse to open an existing attribute template file.

    Note: When a CAF is not loaded, you cannot add attributes. You may only remove attributes or add, delete, or modify the devices.
  3. Perform the following tasks as desired:

    • To browse for an existing attribute template file, click the Browse button. Navigate to the location of the template and click Open.

    • To save a template, click the Save button. Navigate to the correct directory, enter a file name, and click Save.

    • To add a new device, click the Add button (+).

    • To remove a currently selected device, click the Remove button (-).

    • To change the device name, click in the field that contains the existing device name and enter a new name.

    • To indicate the default selected state of the row when the template is opened, click the Selected option.

    • To add a new attribute, click the Click To Define New Attribute column heading. A tree representation of the application appears. Select an object from the tree and an attribute from the list and click OK. The parameters are added to the template and appear as a column on the screen.

      A tree representation of all the possible points appears in a tree format. The default view of this tree shows only points set up to BACnet exposed, which is indicated by the green dot next to each point. At the top of the Select Attribute view, a Show All check box is available. Once you select the check box, every possible point in the application is available for use. Once you select a point, the list of point attributes appears in the right hand panel for selection. Note that at Release 6.0, you can select the present value of hardware points.

      Note: Make sure that the attribute you are selecting is not written to by a higher priority point (such as the Network Input or the output of a calculation module). While this attribute is changed, it has no effect on the application because of the higher priority command.
    • To remove an existing attribute, right-click the heading and select Remove Attribute.

    • To manually change the Device Address or Instance Number for discovered devices only, edit the text box value.
      • To auto assign the device address of every device in the Instance Number column, right-click the Instance Number heading and click Auto Assign.
      • To assign instance number values to devices based on the device number, trunk number, and device address, right-click the Instance Number heading and click Assign Calculated Instance.
  4. Click Save to retain any changes you made to the attribute template. The Save dialog box appears.

  5. Click Save.

    Note: Changing an attribute with the Attribute Template changes the value in the template only, not the controller. To change the value on the controller, use the Read/Write Attributes wizard.
  6. When modifications are complete, click Close. The wizard closes.