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Controller Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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Note: If a ZFR1810 Coordinator has Main Code version earlier than Release 5.0, it should be upgraded.
  1. Make sure no CAF is open in the tool.
  2. From the Tools menu, select Wireless > Upgrade ZFR Coordinators. The Upgrade ZFR Coordinators wizard appears with the Connection screen active.

  3. Select the connection type and parameters and click Next. The Transfer to Device screen appears.

    Note: We strongly advise against using an Supervisor Passthru connection to transfer to multiple controllers due to potential communication loss during the process.
  4. Click Discover to begin the discovery process and locate devices. When devices are located, they appear in the main section of the Transfer to Device screen.

    Note: To stop the Discover process, click Stop.
  5. Select the desired devices from the list.

    Note: If more than one device has the same Instance Number, the numbers display red in the device list.
  6. Select or clear the Force Main Transfer to Device and Force Boot Transfer to Device check boxes depending on whether you want to force a main code or boot code transfer to device.

    Note: In some scenarios, you must select a boot code transfer to device or the transfer does not progress. This forced transfer to device ensures proper operation of the application.
  7. Select or clear check boxes next to the devices you want to upgrade.

  8. Click Finish. The boot code, main code, and radio code upgrades and transfers to the devices.

  9. Check the progress of the operation as follows:

    • View the text in the Status column.

    • Click View Status. The Status dialog box appears showing current status of the operation. Click Refresh periodically to update the status. Click Copy To Clipboard to copy and paste the text to another word-processing program, such as Microsoft Notepad.

    • Click View Log. The Log dialog box appears showing the detailed operation log file. Click Refresh periodically to update the log. Click Copy To Clipboard oo copy and paste the text to another word-processing program, such as Microsoft Notepad.

    • Click Clear Log if needed. This action clears the contents of the log file.

  10. When the upgrades and transfer to device completes, click Done.