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This option contains the base options for an ASHRAE Guideline 36 compliant VAV application. You can select either ASHRAE 62.1 or California Title 24 minimum flow determination. You can also enable time-averaged ventilation. In addition to minimum flow determination, selecting this option adds Guideline 36 compliant setup and setback, demand limit, temperature setpoint offset, and supply flow control logic to the application.

The Guideline 36 checkbox is disabled in configurations that include a box fan but do not include box heat. It is also disabled in configurations that include staged box heat or two-position output hot water box heat.

Select the Guideline 36 checkbox to enable the additional Guideline 36 features in the Control Logic section.

Time-averaged ventilation (TAV) performs zone ventilation based on average conditions over a specific period of time. This allows zone airflows to effectively be controlled to values below the VAV box minimum controllable airflow which reduces energy usage.