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VAV Boxes can have up to two reheat coils to provide heat for the space. One can be in the ductwork downstream of the VAV box; one can be located in the space. A separate option is enabled in the Control Selection section to choose how Box Heating and Supplemental Heating are sequenced if both are required.

Note: If you have a VAV heating application using incremental valve actuators with spring return, you must modify the State Table to ensure proper positioning of the valve after a power failure, transfer to the controller, or controller reset.

In the State Table, locate the column for the Proportional Box Heating Control. In the Autocalibration Sequence table, change the action for the state Waiting to Calibrate from * to Max.

This causes the valve to be driven open while the VAV Box damper is closed, to calibrate the flow sensor. When the autocalibration is complete, the valve is commanded to close. This closes the valve with an appropriate Overdrive.