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Controller Configuration Tool
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The selection options for the Sensors/Inputs are:

  • Discharge Air Temperature: This option is used primarily as a monitoring feature during commissioning.

  • Zone (always required): A Zone Temperature Input is always provided. All the Zone Temperature options assume that a model of the Network Sensor family is being used for Temperature, the Setpoint Adjust options of Common Setpoint Adjust or Warm Cool Adjust, a Temporary Occupancy Interface from the Network Sensor, and Humidity input from the Network Sensor. Refer to the Network Sensors product literature to match the functionality selected for the application with a specific Network Sensor hardware model. See the ZN-T Setpoint Determination section for details on how this module works.

    • Temperature

      • Setpoint Adjust

        • Common Setpoint Adjust

        • Warm Cool Adjust

      • Temp Occ Support

    • Humidity

    • Occupancy: This option provides an Input interface to the logic from a separate Occupancy Sensor.

    • CO2 Sensor: This option provides an Input interface to the logic from a separate CO2 Sensor.

      • Used for Minimum Flow Reset