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Controller Configuration Tool
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The core logic of the VAV dual duct application provides the default configuration and setup parameters for the zone temperature and flow control sequences. This application has options to configure the flow pick-up locations for the different combinations of the Hot Deck, Cold Deck, or Total Flow. The selection tree also includes options for the following key configurations:

  • an Exhaust Box interface to track the flow of the Supply Box to maintain positive or negative pressure in a space

  • Heating Coil interfaces to sequence Hot Deck Heat and Baseboard Supplemental Heat

  • UL 864 UUKL Smoke Control

  • Warmup and Cooldown mode logic interfaces to the building-wide Optimal Start logic

  • automated Zone Setpoint shifts based on the Outdoor Air Temperature reset schedule

  • CO2 Sensor interface that automatically resets the flow settings for the zone

  • N2 compatibility selections that allow you to create an interface similar to the N2 legacy application
  • pressure and temperature reset modules and new network outputs

The process of commissioning and balancing an application created from the VAV dual duct system selection tree is simplified because the tool provides:

  • integrated logic that auto-calibrates all flow sensors

  • the Balancer Override module that interfaces to a specific Network Sensor or the Commissioning Balancer UI (Balancer Tab) for the Balancing Contractor to set the cfm parameters, box areas, and flow constants.

Once you define the desired temperature and cfm setpoint values for the space, the tool uses patented adaptive control techniques in all of the temperature and flow control loops to continually update all of the tuning parameters.

See the Upgrading System Files section for a list and description of the module and System Selection changes made since the last release of the tool.