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Controller Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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Note: The tool opens a CAF in Configuration mode by default.

To change from Configuration mode to Simulation or Commissioning mode, click Simulate or Commission.

To return to Configuration mode from Simulation or Commissioning mode, click Configure.

Note: The Configuration mode acts as a transitional mode when you need to switch from Simulation to Commissioning mode and vice versa. To change from Simulation mode to Commissioning mode, for example, you must first change to Configuration mode.

When stopping simulation, a Confirm dialog box appears prompting you to save or discard the changes made during simulation.

If you made changes to the system in a particular mode, the tool opens the Save Confirmation dialog box prompting you to save. Click Yes to save the changes before changing modes or No to discard them.

When viewing the Logic tab in the Classic View, if you switch from Configuration mode to Simulation mode or Commissioning mode after making changes, the Confirm dialog box has Yes, No, and Cancel options. The dialog box does not cancel when you click the X in the upper-right corner of the dialog.