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Controller Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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The Application tab is part of the Simple View workspace. See the figure in the Simple View section. See Simple View Workspace for information UI and its components.

Table 1. Application Tab

Screen Area


Inputs Table Lists the Inputs defined for the system. See Inputs.

Parameters Table

Lists the parameters/attributes of all modules that are exposed for connection (Expose Ports > For Connection) and to BACnet systems. Parameters are listed in alphabetical order. The components of the Parameters table are:

  • Edit button: Enters Edit mode and allows modification of default parameter/attributes values.
  • Apply button: Saves the changes to parameter/attributes values.
  • Cancel button: Cancels the edits made and exits Edit mode.
  • Item column: Lists the names of the parameters/attributes.
  • Current Value column: Current calculated values of the parameters/attributes (Simulation and Commissioning modes only).
  • Default Value column: Default values of the parameters/attributes.
  • Units column: Units of measurement used for the parameters/attributes.
  • Standard Name column: Displays descriptive text for the parameters/attributes.
Note: You cannot modify outputs of modules from the Parameters table.
Outputs Table Lists the Outputs defined for the system. See Outputs.