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CCT provides two ways to change Release modes. See Changing Release Modes and Selecting a System for further information.

When you first install the controller tool application, you are prompted to select one of the various Release mode's databases. The differences between Release modes include available objects, properties, signal types, feature functionality, and device compatibility—keep these in mind when determining which Release mode database to work in. See Release Enhancements and Compatibility for more information.
Note: Most field controllers are only compatible with a limited set of Release modes, determined by the field controller packages installed. To work with a given field controller you must switch a specific Release mode that supports the field controller package before opening or creating a CAF.

The current release mode of your application is shown both in the status bar and the application title bar. Unique preferences for system selection, common object naming, and default controllers are preserved when changing between Release modes.

Corresponding Firmware

Release modes correspond to specific device family firmware releases. For example, the 10.4 / Firmware 8.0 Release Mode corresponds to the firmware and controllers released with Metasys 10.0.
  • CAF upgrades are allowed if your current Release mode is newer than the Release mode that the CAF was created in, and if the CAF is in the same device family as the current Release mode.
  • CAFs from older Release modes can be opened and commissioned, but some attributes may not display as expected.
  • The controller tool prompts users to switch to the matching Release mode (required for editing or upgrading) or to open read-only. Editing CAFs is restricted to changing the default value property on your objects, if you do not upgrade the CAF to the current Release mode.

Simulation and Release Mode Compatibility

Note: Upgrade your CAF to the current Release mode to simulate, or switch to the matching Release mode for the CAF to simulate.

Release Modes and Software Tool Release Functionality

The software tool's release version is independent from the CAF's Release mode—allowing you to switch between Release modes without losing software tool functionality. All software UI features remain accessible to you for the current tool no matter what Release mode you work in. For example, if you are working in Release Mode 10.2 / Firmware 6.2 you will have the same features.

See also Changing Release Modes.