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Controller Configuration Tool
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When you enter Simulation mode, the Simulation dialog box appears allowing you to set the Simulation Speed (up to 10 times [10x] real time) and the startup values for the simulation session. The settings you select are saved and appear in the Simulation dialog box the next time you enter Simulation mode. Simulation mode allows you to see your system as though it were in Commissioning mode. Simulation mode allows you to test your system and make adjustments before transferring it to a device. See the Simulating a System section for information on how to simulate your system.

When you use Simulation mode, you can troubleshoot problems as they occur. When you start Simulation, the Simulation Debugging dialog box appears, which allows you to add break conditions and control debugging functionality with command buttons. The command buttons allow you to pause the simulation (Break), start the simulation after a break (Go), command the control sequence to execute once (Single Step), or command the control sequence to advance 1 second.

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