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The Details dialog box provides information on and allows you to modify the selected module or block’s attributes/parameters, inputs and outputs, and hardware attributes/parameters (if available). You can access this dialog box from a module’s right-click menu regardless of whether the Control Tab or Logic Tab appears in the workspace. You also can access the Details dialog box by double-clicking a module.

The Details dialog box shows the attributes/parameters of the selected module on the left (including any hardware related attributes/parameters), and the inputs and outputs of the module appear in tables on the right.

The Details dialog box retains the previously displayed view. If you closed the right panel the last time you accessed the dialog box, the panel is hidden the next time you open the dialog box. Click the arrows on the splitter bar to restore the inputs and outputs panel.

If there are no inputs and outputs for a module (as is commonly the case for Network Inputs), the right panel appears hidden and cannot be opened regardless of the previously displayed view.

If the module or block includes analog value BACnet Exposed outputs, you can also view the details and configure the COV-related information for the output.

When working with enum values, you can access the Enum Finder through the Details dialog box for advanced enum searching and enum set information.

Also, see the Details Dialog Box screen section.