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Controller Configuration Tool
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Important: If you have already selected a system or opened a CAF in the tool, you can view and change the selections made. All previous user modifications are lost if you make changes to the system selections (lost changes include: sideloops, user added inputs, outputs, network inputs, network outputs, modules, changes in state tables, parameters, logic, and input/output setup). For information on the types of systems and selections available, see the User Interface and Applications sections.
Important: See the System Selection Updates section for a list of the system types and their changes since the last release of the tool, as well as other important details to know before rerunning system selection.
Important: Rerunning the System Selection wizard on a application created at the current software release reflects the exact selections made previously.

When you rerun the System Selection wizard on an application created with software at a release earlier than Release 5.1, we recommend that you check the selected nodes in the tree to ensure that they match the equipment properly before completing the System Selection wizard. This recommendation is especially important for AHU, Central Cooling, Central Cooling with Optimization, and Central Heating applications, because these applications have been updated with new and updated selection options over time.

Important: When you use the System Selection update as part of your upgrade process from Release 5.x to Release 6.0 or later, the calculated object count may increase, which could potentially exceed system capacity.

For more information on object counts and calculating system capacity, see System Capacity Indicator.

System Selection Logic Upgrade and Modification Rules

As a best practice, we recommend taking note of any important modifications before rebuilding an application in the tool to aid you in making the custom modifications after completing the System Selection Wizard. You can print a copy of the current System Selections using the System Selection Summary option in the Summary Report Options dialog box. See Printing Summary Reports in the User Interface section.

If you plan to create and use a CAF as a basis for building other similar applications, do not make any custom modifications to the master file. Make the changes to the new applications after rerunning the System Selection Wizard as needed.

If you run System Selection after upgrading a CAF, the original logic created by System Selection in the previous version of the tool is completely replaced with the logic that would result if you make the same selections for a new system with the newer version of the tool.

The following rules apply any time you modify the System Selections:

  • Additional Inputs, Outputs, Network Inputs, and Network Outputs added to the application are lost.

  • Any custom or standard modules added to the application manually are deleted.

  • Any sideloops added to the application are deleted.

  • All values in the State Tables created by the System Selection process return to their default values, thus matching a system created with the File > New option.

  • Changes you make to the logic created from the original System Selection process are lost.

  • The hardware definitions from the original CAF are preserved, including the base controller, I/O Modules, Network Devices, and parameters for each device (for example, the Device Address and BACnet ID).

    You may need to reassign System Selection created points to the desired slots.

To rerun System Selection:

Before rerunning system selection, we recommend saving a copy of the CAF to a location on your computer as a backup.

  1. With a CAF open, click the Select System button. The System Selection Wizard appears with the Mechanical System Selection screen active.

    Note: If you made custom logic or changes after the initial System Selection process, do not add Inputs and Outputs used for monitoring-only purposes by modifying the System Selection. For information on manually adding modules, see the Creating Custom Logic (Adding Modules).
  2. View the mechanical options for your system and make any changes.


    You can only make changes to System Selection in Configuration mode. See the System Selection Tree section for information on tree behavior and use (for example, using the check boxes, radio buttons, and the + and - next to a node in the tree to show and hide selections).

  3. Click Next. The System Selection Wizard appears with the Control Logic Selection screen active.

  4. View the control logic options for your system and make any changes (Configuration mode only).

  5. If you did not make any changes (or do not wish to apply any of the changes you made), click Cancel to close the wizard. Clicking Cancel prevents the selections from being laid down over your previously selected system and overwriting any customization changes made. Stop here.

    Any customization changes made are lost when your selections are laid down. If you made changes, click Finish. A Rebuild Application Warning dialog box appears. Click Yes to continue. The software rebuilds your system and closes the wizard. The system you selected appears in the Control View in Configuration mode.