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See the Upgrading Multiple Systems Using the Bulk CAF Upgrade Utility and the Bulk CAF Upgrade Utility sections for more information.

Table 1. Bulk CAF Upgrade Utility Dialog Box



Directory Text Box

Selected file directory.

Browse Button

Opens the Select Directory dialog box to choose the directory that contains the CAFs to upgrade.

Load CAF Files Button

Searches the selected file directory for CAFs to upgrade.

Search in sub-directories Check Box

When selected, the utility searches within sub-folders of the selected directory.
Note: Selecting to search in sub-directories may lengthen the amount of time it takes to load the CAFs into the utility.

List of CAF Files in selected directory Section

Lists the file name, version, and status of all CAFs found in the selected directory. Entries are sorted by status (Open files appear first), followed by version (descending), and file name (alphabetical).


  • Open: indicates the file is open (initial status)
  • Upgrade in progress: indicates the current file being processed
  • Upgrade Completed Successfully: indicates the file upgrade completed successfully
  • No Upgrade Required: indicates that the file version already matches the software version, and does not require an upgrade (also indicated by a shaded row)

Perform Upgrade Button

Begins the upgrade process.

Close Button

Closes the dialog box.