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Table 1 lists modules that may appear in the module upgrade dialog box when you upgrade your system. Use this table to help determine whether to upgrade the system. This table lists the modules upgraded since the last release.

Table 2 lists modules that are updated with finite state machine (FSM) details.

Table 1. Updated Modules
Module Description

Last Value (Boolean, Enum, Float)

Output Control: Added 2 Pipe Pump X Command LV, Cooling Pump X Command LV, EA Damper Command LV, EA Damper2 Command LV, OA Damper Command LV, OA Damper2 Command LV, Preheat Pump X Command LV, Reheat Pump X Command LV.

Latching Alarm Manager

Setpoint/Miscellaneous: Added 2 Pipe Pump Alarms, 2 Pipe Pump X Alarms, Cooling Pump X Alarms, Preheat Pump X Alarms, Reheat Pump X Alarms.

Equipment Interlock

Setpoint/Miscellaneous: Added HW Pump X Interlock, Zone X Pump A Interlock, Zone X Pump B Interlock.

Added finite state machine (FSM) detail.

Analog Override Check

State Generator: Added Secondary Bypass Valve Override Check.

Totalization (Enum Runtime)

Output Control: Added dual pump totalization logic for 2 Pipe Cooling, Preheat, and Reheat configurations.

Secondary Pump PID v50

Output Control: Secondary Bypass Valve PID v50.

Blocking Protection

Output Control: Added dual pump blocking protection logic for 2 Pipe Cooling, Preheat, and Reheat configurations.

MSC 01 Through MSC 12

Output Control: Added Sideloop.

Global Sequencer

Output Control: Added information for ranking devices.

N2 VAV SD Mode Input

Setpoint/Miscellaneous: Added support for dual duct applications.

Table 2. Modules Updated with Finite State Machine (FSM) Detail
Module Name Module Group
Flow Status Determination Setpoint/Miscellaneous
Status Alarm Determination
Equipment Interlock
CW Sequencer State Generation
Waterside Economizer Sequencer
Dehumidification Sequencing
Smoke Control Sequencing for UL-864 UUKL
Heat Recovery Low Limit Sequencing (Heat Exchanger Sequencing)
Humidification Sequencing
Loss of Airflow Sequencing (AHU Air Flow Proving)
AHU 100 OA Start Stop Sequencer
AHU Mixed Air Start Stop Sequencing
Occupied Sequencing (AHU 100% OADD)
Occupied Sequencing (AHU 100% OASD)
Occupied Sequencing (AHU MADD w HR)
Occupied Sequencing (AHU MASD w HR)
Occupied Sequencing Single Device
Occupied Zone Sequencing (FC/AHU) (Fan Coil Zone Sequencing)
Occupied Zone Sequencing (HP) v51
Occupied Zone Sequencing UV Cycle 1 v51
Occupied Zone Sequencing UV Cycle 2 v51
Occupied Zone Sequencing UV Cycle 3 v51
Occupied Zone Sequencing UV Cycle W v51
Occupied Zone Sequencing (VAV) v51
Occupied Zone Sequencing (VAV) HFR
Unoccupied Sequencing (AHU Mixed Air ZN-T) (AHU Zone Unoccupied Sequencer)
Unoccupied Sequencing (VAV)
Autocalibration Sequence
WarmupCooldown Sequencing
Open Loop Tower Control with Low Limit (Low Limit Control)
Cooling Tower Control (Fan Speed) Output Control
Fan Three Speed (Three Speed Motor)
Zone Damper w Proportional Heating Valve (Texas Multizone Sequencing)