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When you open a CAF that requires an upgrade, the tool automatically displays a dialog box prompting you to either upgrade the modules or keep the modules at the current version. Depending on the type of upgrade, the tool displays two different dialog boxes: a dialog box that displays modules that need to be upgraded and a dialog box that appears if no modules require upgrading. The following list describes the two dialog boxes:

  • system upgrades with module upgrades

    If the file requires module upgrades, then a dialog box appears displaying a list of standard modules included as part of the upgrade process. This dialog box also displays a list of user-modified modules, if any. The tool does not upgrade user-modified modules; however, the tool does upgrade any proportional-integral-derivative (PID) and PID Pre-Processor blocks located within user-modified modules. User-modified modules appear in the Control View with a triangle next to the module.

  • system upgrades without module upgrades

    If the file does not require module upgrades, then a smaller dialog box appears prompting you to upgrade the system. The tool upgrades any PID and PID Pre-Processor blocks located within the application.

If you choose not to upgrade the modules, the status of Upgradeable is displayed to the right of the system name and the functionality of the tool becomes limited. With this limited functionality, the tool only allows you to:

  • edit detail views

  • commission the current application

  • edit parameters (default values only)

  • view the Hardware Definition Wizard

  • view the System Selection tree

If necessary, the tool provides a menu option to upgrade your file at a later time (Tools > Upgrade System).