Fan Determination (VAV Series) - Johnson Controls - Metasys - LIT-12011147 - Software Application - Controller Configuration Tool - 15.0

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Controller Configuration Tool
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This module generates the on or off state for the control of a parallel fan within a VAV application according to a flow based algorithm.

If the unit is in Occupied, Standby mode, or Bypass mode, the state output is on. If the unit is in the Unoccupied mode and the damper, heating or cooling command are greater than the Fan On Threshold, the state output is on. When the damper, heating and cooling command are all below the Fan Off Threshold, the state output is off. If the Heating Purge Duration is greater than zero, the heating command must be below the Fan Off Threshold for the time specified before the state output is off.

This module can be used to provide the on command to single speed fans, three speed fans, or proportional fans.

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