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During simulation, a control bar appears at the bottom of the window for easy control and break condition access. The Simulation Control Bar spans the full horizontal length of your window by default but can be minimized to a single icon display by clicking the Minimize () icon. To expand the Simulation Control Bar, click the Maximize () icon.

Figure 1. Simulation Mode - Control Bar

In addition to the features listed below, the Simulation Control Bar displays the simulation speed multiplier and the simulation's time elapsed.

In the Simulation Control Bar, do one of the following:

  • Click the Pause () icon to manually pause the simulation.
  • Click Go or Play () to resume the simulation after it has paused. A simulation pauses if you manually pause the simulation (clicking Icon) or if a break condition occurs.
  • Click the Single Step button to command the control sequence to execute one time.
  • Click the Advance 1 Second button to command the control sequence to advance 1 second.
  • Enable or disable the Highlight Changes color-highlighting feature for parameter changes by clicking the On or Off button.
Note: System simulation is paused when you transition into Edit mode or open a Command dialog box, so the Simulation Control Bar time is also paused.