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Controller Configuration Tool
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Sideloops provide control of equipment separate from the main control logic. The Sideloop (SL) Wizard allows you to add custom logic to a system one control loop at a time. The Sideloop System Selection Wizard can be run as many times as desired. The logic added by the sideloop selection is given a user-specified prefix to identify the modules associated with that particular sideloop. This prefix is denoted in this document by the characters XXX.

If you need to rerun System Selection for the main application after sideloops have been created, the sideloops are lost. Once a sideloop is created, you cannot rerun the sideloop selection process on one of the sideloops.

For information on how to add a sideloop to a system, see Creating a Sideloop in the Configuring a System section.

See the Upgrading System Files section for a list and description of the module and System Selection changes that were made since the last release of the tool.