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About this task

Note: You cannot place the Classic View or Simple View perspectives into folders.


  1. Click Settings and select Perspective Management. The Perspective Management window appears.
  2. Select the first perspective you would like to place in a folder.
  3. In the Name field, create the folder name by preceding the perspective name with [Folder Name]/. For example, if you want to place Perspective 1 into a folder named Test, you would type Test/Perspective 1.
    Note: A folder does not appear in the tree. Folder names are identified by [Folder Name]/ only. For example, Figure 1 shows a VAV folder and a Central Plant folder.
    Figure 1. Folder Structure within Perspectives Tree

  4. Select the next perspective you want to add to a folder.
  5. In the Name field, use the same folder naming convention as Step 3 to add that perspective to the same folder or type a new folder name to create a different folder.
  6. When you have completed creating folders, click Close.
  7. To confirm your folder was created, go to Settings > Perspectives. Your folder name should appear in the list of available perspectives. Figure 2 shows how the folder organization in Figure 1 appears within the Controller Tool Settings menu.
    Figure 2. Folder Structure within Settings Menu

    Note: The preceding steps show how to organize within one folder level; however, you can add multiple folder levels simply by following the convention of [Folder Name]/[Subfolder Name1].../[Subfolder NameN]/[Perspective Name].