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About this task

Note: We recommend that you have an application open before you configure the Details Data widget. If no application is open, you must specify the BACoid by Object ID using the Manual Entry section of the Details Data configuration panel.


  1. In the Perspective Management dialog box, select the Details Data widget you want to configure.
  2. Enter a Name for the Details Data widget. The name appears in the UI.
    Note: If you enter a description for the widget (optional), this description appears only when the Details Data widget is located in a tab container and you hover over the tab.
  3. Select the Visible check box to show the widget within the UI, or clear the check box to hide the widget in the UI.
  4. Choose the BACoid for which to show details:
    • If you have an application open, follow these steps to select a BACoid using the tree:
      1. In Settings, select the Show All check box to view all points in the application; otherwise, clear the check box to view only BACnet Exposed points.
      2. For Expansion Level, use the slider bar to expand the tree to the details level you would like to view.
      3. In the Filter box, type part or all of the node name to filter the results.
      4. In the BACoid tree, select the item you want to display details for within the perspective UI.
        Note: If you select a folder, or an invalid BACoid, the Details Data widget displays a data unavailable message within the perspective UI.
    • If you do not have an application open, follow these steps to enter the BACoid manually:
      1. Click the Object Identifier drop-down box and select the type of object.
      2. In the field, enter the Object ID for the BACoid.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Click Close.