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Controller Configuration Tool
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The Mass Edit dialog box allows you to filter and mass edit BACnet Exposed and hardware points.

Table 1. Mass Edit Dialog Box
Screen Area Description
Show All Shows all points.
Show BACnet Exposed Shows only those points that are BACnet Exposed.
Show Hardware Shows control points, sensors, miscellaneous points, and edited rows.
Show BACnet Exposed Duplicates Shows points that have duplicates.
Show Edited Values Shows points that have edited values.
Filter Use to filter your results based on partial or full search terms.
BACnet Exposed Use to change the BACnet Exposed property of the point. To select or deselect all entries, right-click the heading of this column.
User Name

Use to type a name for the point.

Note: If this field is blank, the Standard Name is used.
Description Use to enter a description for the point.
Long Name Displays the full name of the point.
Standard Name Displays a Johnson Controls standard name for the module.
OK Saves changes and closes the dialog box.
Cancel Discards changes and closes the dialog box.