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The following table provides information on selections found in the details data custom configuration panel.

Table 1. Details Data Widget
Field Description

Indicates the name that appears within the perspective UI.


When the Details Data widget is located within a Tab container, the Description text appears as a tooltip within the UI when you hover over the tab.

Data Criteria Type

BACoid is only selection.

Visible Indicates if the widget appears within the UI.
Settings - Show All When selected, shows all points within application. When cleared, shows only BACnet Exposed points.
Note: This attribute appears only when you have an application open.
Expansion Level Indicates the level of details that appear within the tree (1 to 5).
Note: This attribute appears only when you have an application open.
Filter Provides a text box to search the selection tree based on the node name. The search results include the matching node and its ancestors.
Manual Entry - Object Identifier Indicates the object type and Object ID of the associated BACoid.