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The following table provides information on selections found in the container custom configuration panel.

Table 1. Container Screens
Field Description

Indicates the name that appears within the perspective UI.


Indicates the text included in the tooltip that appears within the UI when you hover over the container.

Container Type

Indicates the container type: Frame, Tab, Orientation.

Frame containers can only exist at the root level.

Visible Indicates whether the container appears within the UI.
Resizable Indicates if the Orientation container can be resized within the UI.
Save Layout Behavior Indicates the action to take when changes are made to the perspective. See Perspective Layout.
Position Indicates where the tab appears within the container: Top, Bottom, Left, Right
Orientation Indicates the vertical or horizontal orientation of the Orientation or Frame container.
Display Order Shows direct subcomponents of the container and indicates what order they appear within the UI.
Moves a subcomponent up in the display order.
Moves a subcomponent down in the display order.