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The State Tables widget is used to set the hierarchical priority of incoming states and to define the appropriate mode of operation of each Output Controller for each state in the State Selection Tables. You can modify the State Tables only in Configuration mode.

The individual tables in the State Tables correspond to the State Generators and the column headings are the Output Controllers. For each State Generator state, there is a corresponding Output Controller state. The States column lists the states from highest priority to lowest priority in descending order from top to bottom. An asterisk (*) appearing instead of a valid Output Controller state indicates that the current State Generator has no interaction with the Output Controller, and the Output Controller is controlled by the next highest priority State Generator showing a valid Output Controller state. Both the State Generator state column and the Output Controller state column are scrollable. A scroll bar at the bottom of the Output Controller state column allows you to move right and left.

In Commissioning and Simulation mode, the State tables highlight both the present values of the incoming states and the value of the Output Controllers being controlled by State Generators. Active states appear as green and represent which State Generators are in control. Values with asterisks (*) are not highlighted.

For information on how to use the State Tables, see Viewing and Modifying State Selection Tables in the Configuring a System section. To see an example of how the State Tables are used, see the Control Tab Application Example section.