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Controller Configuration Tool
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The Controller Tool installation package includes a set of commonly used perspective templates. These templates are included in a folder on the installation media. To easily customize the view for your specific application, you can import one of these templates and make adjustments as needed. The following table provides an overview of the available templates with this release and associated applications. See Importing a Perspective for procedures.

Table 1. Perspective Templates
File Name Application
AHU 100% Outdoor Air Dual Duct Applications AHU 100% Outdoor Air Single Duct Applications AHU Multizone (Mixed Air Dual Duct) Applications AHU Mixed Air Single Duct Applications AHU Mixed Air Dual Duct Applications AHU Rooftop Unit Applications Heat Pump Applications Unit Ventilator Applications Fan Coil Applications VAV Dual Duct Applications VAV Subordinate Dual Duct Applications VAV Single Duct Applications VAV Subordinate Single Duct Applications
AHU-Cooling Control.pml X X X X X X              
AHU-Heating Control.pml X X X X X X              
AHU-Econ Damper Control.pml     X X X X              
AHU-Fan Control.pml X X X X X X              
HP-Cooling Control.pml             X            
HP-Heating Control.pml             X            
UV-Cooling Control.pml               X          
UV-Heating Control.pml               X          
Fan Coil-Cooling Control.pml                 X        
Fan Coil-Heating Control.pml                 X        
VAVDD-HD Damper Control.pml                   X X    
VAVDD-CD Damper Control.pml                   X X    
VAVSD-Damper Control.pml                       X X
VAVSD-Heating Control.pml                       X X
Module-Logic.pml X X X X X X X X X X X X X