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Controller Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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Perspective management allows you to customize the UI display by creating perspectives that define the components and component locations that appear within your view. With the exception of the menu and status bar, the entire UI represents a single perspective broken into customizable containers and widgets.

Perspectives are dependent on the application, allowing you to create a set of perspectives for each application type. For example, Central Plant Operations (CPO) applications would have a different set of perspectives than the Mixed Air Single Duct (MASD) set of perspectives. However, all perspectives that you create appear in the Perspective Management library, and you can manage this library with or without an application open.

The Controller Tool includes two default perspectives—Classic View and Simple View. The Classic View is the same UI that was used in the Release 10.0 version of the tool. The Simple View is a simplified version of the Classic View that also includes a new tab named System Selection Information. These perspectives are always available for use and cannot be edited within the Perspectives Management dialog box. See Classic View and Simple View.