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Use EWMAs and equipment status data in a tailored summary to provide complete performance diagnostics for a mechanical system. When you create a tailored summary, use Absolute Error EWMA instead of Error EWMA to ensure that a loop is not continuously cycling around setpoint, which cancels out error EWMA values.

To easily identify poor relative performance among common system types, you can use the sorting capabilities in the Tailored Summary view to compare the EWMA values from several controllers.

The values for inactive output controllers remain from the last time the calculations ran. See Figure 1. This information can be used to proactively diagnose issues with zones between seasons.

Figure 1 shows an example tailored summary indicating a possible error in discharge heating. In this example, the locker room operates well in terms of zone cooling. However, a discharge heating error indicates that the last time the discharge heating loop ran, it was 19 degrees away from setpoint. In temperature control, being within one degree of the setpoint is acceptable, but a value above one degree should be improved.

Figure 1. Tailored Summary Example