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Table 1 provides an automatic tuning checklist.

Table 1. Automatic Turning Checklist



Check zones to make sure:
  • installation is ready
  • equipment can be safely operated
  • the supply media of any air or water sources is ready and available
  • terminations and labeling standards are adhered according to job site specifications

Validate the sequence of operations for every typical system to ensure compliance with specs.


Transfer to all controllers using the NAE Point Schedule and Parameters sheets.


Ensure the NAE Point database has enough trending defined to be able to review operation. For example, in the case of a VAV box, make sure that a trend has been defined for the zone temperature, setpoint, and heating source.


Perform a box flow test for all VAV Controller zones using a CCT/PCT Box Flow Test.


Using the NAE Point Schedule parameter sheets, write zone reheat valves to 100%, then 0%, using Flush Position and System Mode Water Flush. Then, read the discharge air temperature to find valves not fully stroking.


Calibrate inputs and outputs as required by specifications.


Ensure all points are reliable and are mapped correctly to the NAE and Graphics.


Run zone reports using Tailored Summaries to identify zone problems.


Run trend reports using the Export Utility or Trend Viewer to make sure each typical system is tuned properly with no hunting.


Test application loops and tuning loops for reaction to system failures.


After tuning is complete, restart the system to verify system performance at startup.