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This section describes the Last Value modules of the Output Controller type. For information on the Last Value modules of the Setpoint Determination/Misc type, see Timing in the Setpoint/Miscellaneous Modules section.

The Last Value module holds the value that its input had at the end of the previous execution of the control logic for use by the current execution. Use this module when you want to compare the current value of a variable with the value from the last execution. If this module does not operate continuously (that is, is placed in the state section of a hybrid activity), it starts at its Default Value when re-enabled. One additional constraint is that connections from Hybrid Activity Inputs are not allowed to be made directly to the Input of Last Value module in one of its State Sections. You cannot directly connect an Input to a Last Value block within the State section of a Hybrid Activity.

You cannot view or modify the modules in this group’s logic.