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The following table describes the attributes used by the Zone Damper modules:

Table 1. Zone Damper Attributes


Type 1


Default Value

Control Status


Indicates the saturation status of the module.

Set Name: Control Status

Damper Percent Cmd


Provides the output for the mixing dampers, with 0% corresponding to maximum heating and 100% corresponding to maximum cooling.

Display Units: %



Indicates the desired mode of operation for the module.


Set Name: MZ Zone Mode

Output Overridden


Indicates when the actual output controlled by this output is overridden by a user.


Output Position


Provides the current Present Value of the output that this controller drives.


PID Tuning Reset


Causes the PID objects to reset their tuning parameters to the default based on the appropriate Process ID.


Set Name: PID Tuning Reset

Process Units


Specifies the units for the PID. For this particular module, °C and °F are the only two valid values.

°C, °F

Process Variable


Indicates the variable that is controlled, typically Zone Temperature.

22 °C, 72 °F



Indicates the desired nominal value for the controlled variable when the mode is Control.

22 °C, 72 °F

Setpoint Adjust


Indicates the user adjustment that is added to the nominal setpoint value.

0 °C, 0 °F

Shutdown Option


Indicates the desired control action for the damper when the module Mode is Shutdown.

Hold Damper

Set Name: MZ Zone Configuration

Unreliable Option


Indicates the desired control action for the damper when the module Mode is Control, but the Process Variable is not Reliable.

Hold Damper

Set Name: MZ Zone Configuration

ZNEFF-SP, ZNXEFF-SP (Effective Setpoint)


Indicates the effective setpoint to which the module attempts to control.

Display Units: °C, °F


G, V

Indicates the current operational state of the module.

Set Name: MZ Zone State

1 C - Configuration Mode Only, G - Default Element (Generated State, if applicable), SC - Simulation and Commissioning Modes Only, V - Calculated Value (Outputs)