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The following table describes the attributes used by the Heating FBPD 2 Position Valve with Low Limit modules.

Table 1. Heating FBPD 2 Position Valve with Low Limit Attributes


Type 1


Default Value

Damper Percent Cmd


Controls the face and bypass damper. The damper is commanded from 0% (full bypass) to 100% (full face).

Display Units: %

Failsoft Value


Defines the face and bypass damper position when the module is in the Failsoft state.


Heating Control Status


Current saturation status of the controller.

Set Name: Control Status

Heating Ramp Rate


Determines the time to remain in the Cold Start state (if applicable). During the cold start state, the preheat output is prevent from closing quickly to allow it to come into control without tripping the Low Limit on the unit.



G, V

Current operational mode of the output controller.

Set Name: AHU Htg FBPD State

Limited Max Value


Defines the face and bypass damper position when the module is in the Limited Max mode.


Low Limit Process Variable


Contains the low limit temperature process variable. This input is usually the preheat or discharge air temperature.

7 °C, 45 °F

Low Limit Setpoint


Low limit temperature setpoint.

7 °C, 45 °F

Low OA Temperature Diff


Contains the differential for the Low OA Temperature function. Once the valve has been opened in the Low OA Temperature mode, the OA Temperature must increase Low OA Temperature Diff more than the Low OA Temperature Setpoint before the valve can close.

0.5 °C, 1 °F

Low OA Temperature Setpoint


Contains the setpoint for the Low OA Temperature function. When the OA Temperature is below this setpoint, the valve opens and the face and bypass damper is set to Low OA Temperature Position.

4 °C, 40 °F



Mode requested by State Selection.


Set Name: AHU Htg FBPD Out

OA Temperature


Outdoor air temperature.

4 °C, 40 °F

Output Overridden


Indicates when the actual output controlled by this output is overridden by a user.


Output Position


Provides the current Present Value of the output that this controller drives.


PID Tuning Reset


Causes the PID objects to reset their tuning parameters to the default based on the appropriate Process ID.


Set Name: PID Tuning Reset

Process ID


This is the type of process that this output controller is controlling when the mode is T Control. The following lists the process variables and the correct setting for the Process ID:

Process Variable: Process ID

  • Discharge Air Temperature: DA-T
  • Preheat Air Temperature: DA-T
  • Return Air Temperature: ZN-T
  • Zone Air Temperature: ZN-T
  • Exhaust Air Temperature: ZN-T


Set Name: Process ID

Process Units


Specifies the units for the PID. For this particular module, °C and °F are the only two valid values.

°C, °F

Set Name: Unit

Process Variable


Control temperature. Either Zone temperature, discharge air temperature, return air temperature, or preheat temperature may be connected to this input.

13 °C, 55 °F

Pump OnOff


Controls the circulating pump.

Set Name: Off/On



Contains the desired setpoint for the process variable to be controlled to when the mode is T Control.

13 °C, 55 °F

Valve OpenClose


Contains the output command to the two-position valve.

Set Name: Close/Open


C - Configuration Mode Only, G - Default Element (Generated State, if applicable), SC - Simulation and Commissioning Modes Only, V - Calculated Value (Outputs)