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When the pumps (chilled or condensed water) are arranged in a headered configuration, the Central Cooling Plant with Optimization application uses Pump Selector to control each headered circuit to:

  • maximize the pumping efficiency by choosing the most efficient pump (or combination of pumps) available

  • minimize the total starts of the devices

  • attempt to balance run times and start counts for the pumps, if configured

In general, when enabled, the module determines the combination that best meets the requirements and turns on/off the appropriate pumps in an orderly manner to arrive at the desired combination.

The best combination produces the largest adjusted efficiency. Efficiencies are calculated based on the Device Efficiency, percent load, Required Capacity and Rated Flow.

You cannot view and modify the modules in this group’s logic.

Once system selection is complete, the Pump Selector module requires further configuration. Refer to the Johnson Controls Central Plant Optimization™ 10 Application Note (LIT-12011575) for information on configuring this module and for more application level information.