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About this task

The Device Type, Point Address, and Attribute parameters are required when you populate. When a compatibility option is selected, the majority of these are preset.


  1. Start the tool and open an application.
  2. Click Define Hardware. The Define Hardware screen appears.
  3. Click the N2 Mapping tab. The N2 Mapping tab appears.
  4. Click Create. The N2 Mapping tab populates with the list of BACnet Exposed points and subtabs associated with your application. The points that are not mapped appear in red with a point address of 0.

    If you selected N2 Compatibility in the System Selection tree, the subtabs that appear are consistent with the existing N2 application. Points are automatically assigned to addresses based on the existing N2 application.

    If you did not select N2 Compatibility, the subtabs that appear represent the point type. You must assign point addresses.

  5. Click Edit.
  6. In the Device Type drop-down box, select the correct device type for your controller:
    • AHU: Generation 1 Application Specific (AS-AHU)
    • VAV: Generation 1 Application Specific (AS-VAV)
    • UNT: Generation 1 Application Specific (AS-UNT)
    • VND: VMA1400, DX9100, all other controllers
  7. Click through each tab and assign the N2 point addresses. Point addresses that appear in red must have a valid value assigned.
    • Click Set (1...n) to automatically generate point assignments starting at address 1.
    • Click Set (Max+1) to automatically generate point assignments starting at the highest point address. For example, you have points assigned to addresses 2, 4, and 7, the tool generates addresses for remaining points starting at address 8.
    • Click Set (N2) to automatically generate point assignments for any points that are identical to the points in the legacy application. In some instances, no point assignments are created.
    • Click Set (0) to set all point addresses to 0.
    • Click within each Point Address cell to assign point addresses manually.
    Note: The N2 address range is 1 to 256.
  8. Click the Attribute cell and choose Default Value or Present Value based on the following guidelines:
    • If you are reading a value, use Present Value.
    • If you are writing a value to the controller, choose:
      • Present Value for Network Input, Analog Output, Position Adjust Output, and Binary Output
      • Default Value for the element of a module. If the element is an input of a module and connected from elsewhere in the application, the default value is never used. If the element is an output of a module, the value is calculated in the module, and the default value is never used.
  9. When you are done editing, click Apply.
  10. Click Close to close the Define Hardware dialog.