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A logic block is a component used to construct the logical functions for control of a system. Logic block inputs are used to influence the state or values presented as outputs. You view and work with logic blocks in the Logic View, and edit modules highlighted in tan in the UI. However, do not make changes until you understand the default logic and consider the effect of changes on the connected outputs.

The Logic View is divided into four sections: a toolbar, activities tree (for selecting the logic to view), control block palette, and logic diagram area. For information on the Logic View user interface, see Logic Tab in the User Interface section. For information on how to create or edit logic, see Logic View Steps in the Configuring a System section. These sections also describe the Launch Wizard and how to use it.

For information on Applications and Modules, see the Applications and Modules sections.

If applicable, each table in this section lists the type of block, its inputs and outputs, and the block description. The tables indicate if the inputs are of Boolean, Enumeration (Enum), or Floating (Float) type. The inputs and outputs that are exposed for connection by default are also identified.