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The input and output objects in this section appear in the tool in the Details dialog box of inputs and outputs. To see the objects, right-click an input, output, network input, network output, miscellaneous input, or miscellaneous output and select View Details. The Object Identifier attribute indicates the object by which the input or output is represented.

During Commissioning and Simulation, the Present Value appears in the Inputs and Outputs tables within the UI. Two values appear (for example 70, 70), where the first value comes from the hardware, while the second value is the value being used by the software. In addition, during Commissioning and Simulation, the Present Value appears next to each Input and Output within the Connections table.

The default values for the attributes vary depending on the configuration you are using. Often, values are filled in automatically and you will not need to edit the individual values.

An SAB device such as a network sensor (duct, zone, or CO2) may be represented by an Analog Input (zone temperature or zone relative humidity), Analog Value (setpoint request or zone temperature display), Binary Value (occupancy request), or Multistate Value (fan speed request, fan status display, or occupancy status display) object.

Click the following section names to view the attribute and command details for each object:

When viewing these objects through the UI of a Supervisory Controller or Server, you see them as MS/TP Field Device object children.

For details, see Input Modules, Output Modules, Network Input Modules, Network Output Modules, Miscellaneous Input Modules, and Miscellaneous Output Modules. For details about command priorities, see Command Priority Levels. For details about object attributes, see Object Attributes.